Here  is a short list of other sites I can recommend on Tai Chi and Meditation Realize that many of the below sites are often commercial in nature so get more information before buying anything.

I do think the sites listed do offer some great free information though and some offer reasonable prices for additional tools for you journey to awareness.

Integral Ch’uaninstitute : run by Fong HA- Fong is my major Teacher and his website is full great information and some videos

Tai chi cultivation a website run by my Tai Chi brother Wayne Jupiter also a student of Fong Ha who runs classes for Senior citizens with some videos of the Yang style short form he teachers.

Northstar Tai Chi a website run by friend and Student of Keith Root both studied also with Fong Ha

Balanced Awareness a site I run with lots of information on meditation and practice

Peter Lim’s taji resource page … this site has a really good History section for Tai chi

Yoga Journal has a lot of information about yoga including poses that you can access without a subscription.Yoga can increase awareness of both the body and mind. many forms encourage meditation and also holding poses to feel the energy flow.

If you want to learn a little about Buddhist Meditation then this is a good site How to Meditate.

Mayo clinic has some information on Meditation including the many benefits! Further down the page are more links to Tai Chi and other awareness and relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi.