Meditation and Movement Online Classes


Online Class Schedule

Online classes meet weekly on following schedule

Tuesday  7:00pm to 8:00 pm central time

Class Description

This class is designed to benefit everyone!

 The class starts with Meditation which is the least physical part of the class and also the most beneficial. Meditation increases awareness, relieves stress and tension. Many medical studies have proven this! If a participant is not in physical shape to do the latter parts of the class they can participate in the meditation and then either do some of the following parts of just the meditation and sign out of zoom. The meditation part of the class will last 10 to 15 minutes and can be done either standing or sitting.

The next part of the class is the 8 pieces of brocade and maybe some other Qiqong exercises. The eight pieces of brocade is an ancient set of gentle stretching movements that gently loosen the muscles, and help the body move more efficiently. These exercises also co-ordinate the breath with the movements. This helps the Qi(Chi) flow more efficiently too. Chi is NOT a mystical force but is energy flow within the body. There are many types of energy flow including blood flow, breathing/ oxygen flow, muscle movement, nerve impulses’, body heat, gravity/balance, etc. These are real forces which can be controlled by using awareness. This awareness is refined by the meditation part which preceded the Qiqong. This part of the class will last about 5 minutes. The students can choose not to do part of the exercises or finish the sequence and sign out of zoom. Again, I will stress that the class is designed so participants can leave at various times according to their physical abilities.


The next part of the class could be called Qiqong exercises but are from both the Yiquan(mind boxing) and T’ai Chi systems. They are slow movements done in co-ordination with the breath which also focus on being balanced and whole-body movement. This part of the class is slightly harder but I stress that if you feel too much physical tension or stress you can rest for a minute then continue or choose to leave the zoom session. These exercises can help you move more efficiently and improve balance. They also have martial art applications for those who do any form of martial arts. This class is designed mainly for health but has many other benefits. This part of the class will last about 15 minutes. The students can leave after this session is they feel physically tired or do not wish to participate in the following parts.

The next part of the class is Slow balanced walking. This is harder than the previous parts of the class. This type of movement makes you more aware of your balance while moving. Most internal arts stress these types of exercises to help both martial arts applications and prevent falls. Many studies show that these exercises are the most effective way to prevent falls in Seniors! This part of the class will last about 5 minutes. Students can again choose to leave after this part of the Class session.

The final part of the class are arm swinging exercises. This is the most physical part of the class. These balanced exercises work the core and legs and stretch the tendons. When done properly the also generate power with less effort since they use gravity and the tendons to do much of the movement. This part of the class will last around ten minutes. I instruct all participants to be aware of their body and not work too hard. NO Pain and all Gain is my motto. My teacher Fong Ha would say Stand(meditate) for peace and Move for Joy.  Pain is not joy, it is your body telling you that you have injured yourself or are about to.

Throughout the class I encourage asking question after each part of the class which I will answer to the best of my abilities. I do not claim to be some great master, or be the most skilled at my arts, but instead my aim is to share what I know with others to hopefully improve their lives!! Any time you feel pain, please stop what you are doing and let me know. Though out the class I caution students before doing certain exercises to do them with less effort or not do at all if they have certain health problems. Most of the class with the exception of the arm swinging is about as physically demanding as a brisk walk.

I hope you will join me for the free classes, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by attending. If after these classes you find benefit in participating you can continue for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Be Happy and Healthy

Sifu Jeff Lindstrom